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Argumentative Essay: How Do You Write It

Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essay

What this essay is about

An Argumentative Essay (Persuasive Essay) presents a specific point of view and the author usually tries to make his point through reason, arguments he chooses to present his vision of the event, behavior, or a subject. Identifying the opposing viewpoints on the subject and using facts, statistics, evidence he discredits them and persuades the reader that the writer’s position is correct.

A slight difference

A Persuasive essay is of the same kind as an argumentative writing but often uses more passion and emotion in an attempt to sway the reader’s loyalties. Opposing views are acknowledged but  not usually analyzed. As a result, this kind of essay is often perceived to be essentially one-sided and primarily based on personal convictions.

How it works

Argumentative essays are usually structured like high-level analysis, looking at key issues from multiple angles. The techniques of such works suppose the usage of logic, ability to ground in facts and viewing them from a definite point. The writer can acknowledge counterclaims and opposing arguments, but his final goal is to discredit them by appealing to the reader’s reason.  In many cases convincing the reader is not really all that important. More essential is that the description of an argument is logical, persuasive and justifiable. You handle each issue or element in turn, analyzing it from all sides, emphasizing your position with different examples and then drawing a conclusion.

Before you start writing

Writing a good argumentative essay demands a thorough preparation of evidence that will be used in analysis of the subject. Besides facts the effect of the completed and perfect work is achieved by a correct building up of your evidence and the structural order of the sentences to justify your viewpoint. If you do not mention the other side of the issue and try to discredit it, your composition will not look objective. Remember that all things have two sides and there are always people who see them differently. To be more persuasive you should find not only 1-2 facts but not less than 3 to justify you opinion.

The structure and techniques

So the structure of the essay must include 3-4 paragraphs of the main body besides an introduction and a conclusion. The main body opens with argumentative essay transition words that signal the change from one idea to the next. Of course, argumentative writing should have a common thread tying all the body paragraphs together.
The following words can be used to help the reader follow the reasoning:  according to, in fact, furthermore, although, most convincingly, etc.
To illustrate a contrast you use such transitional phrases as: on the other hand, in spite of, on the contrary, notwithstanding, but, however, nevertheless.
For adding to the description of consequences or a  result it is advisable to connect the sentences or paragraphs with: so that, with the result that, thus, consequently, hence, accordingly, for this reason, therefore, so, because, since, due to, as a result, in other words.
When your write  a summary or a conclusion, the  hallmark of a good writing can become : for this reason,  therefore, finally, consequently,  summing,  it can be seen that, the result is, concluding, the consequence is, it is evident that, this suggests that, it follows that,  in conclusion, in brief, as a result,  accordingly, etc.
So, even the words connecting paragraphs, sentences or their parts can become a push to new ideas to stimulate your writing practice and polishing your skills.

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