Essay Structure and Format – How to Deal with This?

Essay writhing is a very sophisticated task because it has so many strict demands and specifications! Just imagine, a proper essay structure must have the following features: Presence of a focused topic or issue. If you fall back a little on a theme and let yourself go – you are […]

Writing an Essay Introduction – One Step to Success

Writing an essay introduction is a very demanding task which influences the success of the whole composition. It is aimed to strike a reader, arose his interest, and reveal a creative personality of a writer. Not every student can take a dare to make up a proper beginning that will […]

Essay Paragraph Writing – How to Make It Properly

Sooner or later every student will come on writing an academic assignment. He will clutch his head, pull the hair out, get pissed off and very stressed, trying to find an answer for the question: how many paragraphs does an essay have and how to make paragraph writing? Is this […]

Conclusion of an Essay: How It Must Look Like

A good conclusion of an essay is like a crux of the biscuit – the most peculiar and attractive part. A conclusion of an essay totalizes and presents a composition as a polished integration. The summary unites all what has been mentioned in a work, so it must be meaningful, […]