Types of Essay

The most intriguing part of any written composition is that it may have different styles and the information you get should be used according to the strict rules of the types of essay. Some of them are aimed to learn  the writer himself and evaluate his abilities to narrate, evaluate, […]

Argumentative Essay: How Do You Write It

What this essay is about An Argumentative Essay (Persuasive Essay) presents a specific point of view and the author usually tries to make his point through reason, arguments he chooses to present his vision of the event, behavior, or a subject. Identifying the opposing viewpoints on the subject and using […]

Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay: How to Avoid Mistakes

Being a school or university student, you have to complete numerous academic assignments, each with its specific requirements and standards. The hardest thing among all written papers is writing a compare and contrast essay. This work is aimed to demonstrate your analytical abilities and skills to set connections between arguments […]

About Writing a Good Critical Essay

What you should know Before writing a Critical essay you are to perform a deep critical reading of what you are going to analyze.  You evaluate somebody’s work (a book, an article, an essay, a movie, a painting or other) in order to increase the reader’s understanding of it. Although […]

What is a Descriptive Writing?

A Descriptive writing essay can deal with any aspect of activity, life, or experience. It must be written in such a way that a reader actually feels as if he(she) participated in a certain event or talked to a person you had described. The exact and true words help the reader […]

Writing a Perfect Reflective Essay

What it reflects A Reflective essay is a written composition that describes an event or personal experience of the author. It has a personal character but can relate to certain philosophic categories. In this case the author expresses his thoughts, attitudes and emotions about certain events or phenomena. The thoughts […]