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Management Essay: Step-by-Step Guideline

Management Essay

Management Essay

Unlike economics and science with accurate formulas and diagrams, a management essay is more creative and usually introduces new concepts.  Students study contemporary theories and develop new ideas. What are the goals of a management essay? You are expected to apply the case study method, support theory with real life examples and give effective solutions.

Don’t be afraid to develop your skills and use the recommendations below.

General Recommendations and Structure of Your Essay

Before writing you may read other students’ essays, but avoid plagiarism. They will become your general guide and help to explain your own thoughts.

  • Firstly, choose a topic and explore it. Find out more about existing viewpoints and debates. Make necessary notes.
  • The following step is making an outline. Any essay should be well-structured.
  • Your introduction should identify the main problems and introduce background information.
  • The main body consists of case evidence and commentary stages. The synopsis should be fully disclosed and researched. Link the identified problem with contemporary theory. Then give your comments and possible outcomes. Management essay writing also assumes practical examples for each argument. Integrate theory into your analysis and research. It is better to divide the main body into several logical paragraphs.
  • Conclusion containing general statements related to the problem. Restate your findings and finish persuasively. If you compared something, list advantages and disadvantages of your thesis.

Essays related to Different Spheres of Management

Let’s have a look at some spheres of management and note what should be mentioned.

Time management essay would be a good topic for those students who want to become business trainers. Such essays are based on catchy recommendations. Tell about the skills for managing time effectively and how to change a person’s life step by step. People have different priorities depending on age. Discuss this issue in context of time management in details.

If you are going to write a business management essay you can choose from a wide range of topics: women entrepreneurs, career success, business and society, conflict management and many others. Use business magazines and TV channels to find real life examples for your essay.

What does a human resource management essay include? You may discuss harmony in the work place, career of HR manager, problems faced by HR, diversity in organizations or strategic management. Explore methods and strategies related to this topic. You may also compare several methods and analyze their advantages and disadvantages.

When writing a supply chain management essay it is necessary to apply theory and sometimes statistics. Explore current practices and procedures. It is a good idea to state some large companies as an example (i.e. Walmart, Kodak, Toyota, etc.). How do big corporations deal with supply chain? What are their challenges and perspectives? How do they solve the problems?

Final Steps

  • Read your essay carefully and correct all the mistakes.
  • The text should be easy to read and understand.
  • Use proper citation (APA, MLA or other styles depending on requirements) and bullets (as well as numbers).
  • Provide references for non-original works and sources. Remember about direct and indirect quotation and cite them properly.
  • Use any presentations, reviews, reports or magazine articles to find some contemporary examples.

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