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Essay Paragraph Writing – How to Make It Properly

Essay Paragraph Writing

Essay Paragraph Writing

Sooner or later every student will come on writing an academic assignment. He will clutch his head, pull the hair out, get pissed off and very stressed, trying to find an answer for the question: how many paragraphs does an essay have and how to make paragraph writing? Is this situation familiar to you? A pound to a penny – yes. Let us explain you something, my friend.

How to write an essay

Five paragraph essay is a classical structure of academic written assignments. It is a model, which any obedient student must follow and always bear in mind, taking up writing a more or less decentish composition. These paragraphs (subsections) are:

  1. An introduction. The hardest thing about 5 paragraph essay writing is the beginning. The paper preface must include theses (main ideas or issues) of your work, be a preview of a paper. Simultaneously, it has to be intriguing, engaging, attractive and promising. The goal of the preamble is to persuade a reader that you can write serious articles.
  2. The body traditionally consists of three particles. The first one has the solidest argument, the brightest examples, the deepest reflection of your clever thoughts, concerning the topic. This section proves that you understand the matter like nobody else and can speculate well on the issue.
  3. The second passage of an assignment body provides the second thesis with arguments and proving. A student continues analyzing the problem, providing historical facts, quotations of famous writers or statistics data to support the thesis.
  4. The third subsection of a body gives the last argument with examples and evidences. The parts of a body must be relevant to the topic, without logical and grammatical gaps. Paragraph writing reflects the personality of a student, his abilities to cover the topic and arrange his thoughts in a proper fashion. A good essay is aimed to amaze, shock or even scare a reader, make him be involved into the concern.
  5. A conclusion must be thoroughly thought-out, because all the people tend to remember only a beginning and ending. This part of a composition must be laconic – not more than 10 sentences – but understandable to any reader. It sums up an author’s attitude to a problem and calls for an action. A good conclusion gives one answer all to the questions presented in the article.

Writing paragraphs is a real headache for many students. Only a few of them can create a proper composition, which will fully meet all the criteria of an excellent academic paper, while the others will have to submit a poorish work and get an unwanted mark.

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