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Popular Essays about Childhood, Movies, Leadership, Global Warming and Other Social Topics

If you study literature, sociology or other humanities your curriculum possibly includes writing essays on popular topics, such as global warming, movies and theatres, smoking, racial harassment and many others.
Let’s have a look at some of them and think of perfect essay secrets.

Getting Started

Your essay should not look like a plain text, so the first step is to make a plan and read other people’s essays which can help you with the style and writing techniques.

  • An essay should include an introduction, main body and conclusion.
  • Support your thesis in the main body with analysis and evidence. Refer to different theories, draw diagrams and schemes for your arguments.
  • Avoid using complicated sentences. Language should be simple and clear.
  • Make sure that you provided a good summary in your conclusion and answered the question.
  • Check spelling, grammar and punctuation. Make sure your essay is formatted properly and don’t forget to add references.

Here are some tips how to structure an essay on popular topics:

Childhood Essay

What can you discuss in your childhood essay? Think of a topic that interests you a lot. For example, games in a child’s life. Start with an introduction and develop your arguments in the body paragraphs. It would be good if you compare education and parenting in different countries.

Movie Essay

Essay about movies is a very creative one! First of all, state about the importance of movie industry and its influence on culture and people’s day-to-day life. The main body of your essay is a stretch of imagination. You can tell about movie industry of a certain period or discuss the development of movie genres (comedies, horror, detectives, etc.).

Leadership Essay

Start your essay with a catchy introduction about leaders. Your main body may be divided into two paragraphs. In the first paragraph tell about history and leadership theories. It is a good idea to compare how leadership theories developed in different countries. In the second paragraph give some advice how to become a good leader.

Global Warming Essay

When writing an essay about global warming begin with the statement how important the problem is. In the main body it is better to make a research and tell how other countries deal with it. Use statistic figures and diagrams to show the influence of climate change on our planet. In conclusion summarize all measures which could help to prevent global warming.

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