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Writing a Perfect Reflective Essay

Reflective Essay

Reflective Essay

What it reflects

A Reflective essay is a written composition that describes an event or personal experience of the author. It has a personal character but can relate to certain philosophic categories. In this case the author expresses his thoughts, attitudes and emotions about certain events or phenomena. The thoughts processed in one’s  mind and  reflected on a piece of paper make the form of the essay. The power of reflection inside your mind encourages you to manifest your attitude on the paper  exactly the way you perceive the thing.

What it shows

Writing reflective type of essay needs a solid training to sharpen critical thinking skills and the ability to develop and express opinions on a particular topic.  The subject of this assignment can be chosen by oneself or assigned by an instructor. The work implies a deep understanding of the topic of the essay.   What is revealed in the essay explains its importance for understanding of social relations and the essence of people. Reflective writing essay demonstrates the creativity of the student, his ability to change standard perception to a unique one, his own unique perception of social issues.

Variety of topics

The topics for a reflective essay are very varied.  Some are based on the reflection of a personal event or experience; others have traits of a philosophical analysis of different issues we face in our everyday life. In this case the author not just presents the issue and its characteristics but expresses his own perception and feelings”. “What is love?”, “Things that embarrass you the most”, “Moving through different phases of life” are the samples of topics which can be given for a reflection.

How to produce a good essay

To write an excellent Reflective essay it is vital that it has a personal character and relates to certain philosophic categories. The author has to share his own reflective of this term and demonstrate it through the prism of his experience.  The presentation and comparison of the common attitude to this social phenomenon and your own will make your composition much greater in degree.  In such essays the majority of the questions are rhetoric and you should use them to make the reader be interested.

The peculiarities of the structure

Some compositions can have a rather free structure.  The most creative authors can start their vision of the subject from their conclusion and then give the explanation and details. Those who only acquire  the skills of Reflective essays writing should follow some instructions. It is good when the opening paragraph intrigues and completely absorbs the reader and  gets  him anxious to read the subsequent sections. It can contain not only the issue itself but some associations with it or a related topic.  The main part reveals the author’s description and his ideas on the topic and underlines his personal evaluation and analysis. The last sentences summarize the main ideas and experiences of the chosen topic.
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