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Types of Essay

Types of Essay

Types of Essay

The most intriguing part of any written composition is that it may have different styles and the information you get should be used according to the strict rules of the types of essay.

Some of them are aimed to learn  the writer himself and evaluate his abilities to narrate, evaluate, research, analyze. The other  written assignments are called to teach the student to collect the information and solve the problems, make conclusions and  find relations.  Academic types of essay writing bear the functions  of comparing and contrasting, exploring and finding similarities and differences, generalizing,  giving examples, etc.

The most common type of essay is an Expository essay. It is based on a description and presenting of an idea, its evaluation and expression of  some arguments. Such works use comparison and contrast, definitions, examples, the analysis of cause and effect.

A Descriptive essay permits more freedom in its structure but demands attentive and imaginative mind in order to create something original.  Describing something you should use comparisons, express your feeling, attitude and emotions.

A Narrative essay involves a kind of telling a story or a book’s report. It has a definite format, including characters, plot, setting,  descriptive elements.

A Persuasive (or Argumentative) type of essay is similar to an Expository one. It explores a topic but you choose a stand for or against this subject or event.  It includes your opinion in relation to the evidence and the topic itself. It consists of five (or more) paragraph format and includes introduction, thesis statement (main body), conclusion.

A Problem-Solution essay or in its oral level is an answer to some question. But doing it in a form of an essay the student have to understand the subject, find sources to explain it properly and propose the way to solve the problem.

Besides there are other divisions of essays,  like  Personal Essay,  College Application Essay, Exploratory Essay, Analytical Essay, Process Essay, Critical Essay, College Admission Essay, Interview Essay,  Observation Essay,  Response Essay,  Case Study Essay, Summary Essay, Application Essay.

In most cases the topic of writing each of essay types is clear, but how to make it bright, exclusive, correct and attracting the attention of the person who evaluates it is a very hard work. The people specializing on this subject learn and know the best way to do this. If you are not sure in your skills and have any problems with writing an essay of any kind, we have a great team of writers to assist you.

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