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Writing an Essay Introduction – One Step to Success

writing an essay introduction-

Writing an Essay Introduction

Writing an essay introduction is a very demanding task which influences the success of the whole composition. It is aimed to strike a reader, arose his interest, and reveal a creative personality of a writer. Not every student can take a dare to make up a proper beginning that will meet professors’ expectations and requirements. We prepared some useful recommendations to help students with writing a good introduction for an essay.


  • Beginning a composition, try to avoid trite expressions and clichés. Your goal is to surprise, impress a reader, arrest his attention, make him curious, not bored. Start a paper with some meaningful and bright statement, unexpected announcement or paradoxical fact.
  • At the same time, be laconic and reserved. A couple of sentences is enough for the beginning. There should not be any diffuse reasonings and long speculations.
  • Use questions writing an introduction for an essay, such as “Do you know… “, Have you ever heard…” – this will create a positive attitude to your work and trigger curiosity.
  • Write in an analytical style. A preface must be short but comprehensive and reflect the content of your composition. It is a really difficult, but highly-appreciated variant of a decent preview.
  • A lifehack for all smart students: a preamble is written, after the whole work is completed. In this case, a beginning will fully cover the essence of your paper.
  • In ideal, a good introduction meets three criteria: relevance, logic and conciseness. It has no unnecessary information, it does not go off the topic, it is a hook to other paragraphs.

An academic paper cannot be splendid, if the very first passage is not well thought-out. But students do not devote enough time and care to this part. As a result –  poor grades and utter disappointment.

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